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About Bambi Bilingual Kindergarten

Company Information

Website https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bambi-Bilingual-Kindergarten/353119570251
Year Found 2008
No. of Employees 11-30

Business Field

Early Childhood English Education

Company Description

A bilingual kindergarten facility for children ages 3-6, providing a wide varitey of hands-on experiences in real-life activities, giving both children and teachers a chance to play, laugh, learn and grow together every day! Come grow with us!
We strive to support our students as they grow so that they can:
Think and act for themselves.
Be healthy in body and mind.
Communicate with all people, regardless of ethnicity or appearance.
Value and care for themselves, others, and our world.
In our 3-year, partial-immersion kindergarten program, we provide our students with daily experiences in dramatic play, physical outdoor play, arts and crafts, music and dance, cooking and health education, and more. All of our Japanese teaching staff are certified in early childhood education and have valuable experience as teachers, both in typical childcare facilities, as well as here at BBK. Our English teaching staff are all native English speakers who love to play with the kids! As English teachers, we are not merely classroom assistants or "recitation robots". We are actually homeroom teachers, as well as activity leaders, playmates and caregivers. We love to play and we LOVE the kids! We work in partnership with the Japanese co-teachers to care for the children's physical needs, in everything from meal-time, to tooth-brushing, to nose-blowing, etc. By taking care of the children's most basic physical needs, as well as playing with them joyfully each day, we communicate to the children that we care for them deeply, at the most basic levels. This creates a foundation for trust and affection that cannot be surpassed. When this foundation exists, the children develop an ever-increasing desire to interact and communicate with us. It is this desire that becomes the ultimate incentive to use English to communicate!

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