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A part-time professional English Language Arts teacher for grade 1-5

Job Information

Company Name English Vitamin, Inc
Job Type Part Time
Career level Entry Level
Location Kanagawa, Kawasaki
Salary ¥2,000 - ¥5,000/Hourly
Date Posted 2018-09-16

Job Requirements

Experience Level 0 - 1 year
Education Level Bachelor's Degree
English Level Native
Japanese Level None

Skills Required

Bachelor's degree
-Able to develop a positive rapport with students through an energetic and supportive manner
-Teach classes using the English Vitamin curriculum, across multiple levels. These involve teaching children's books, documentary TV shows (where students use the script to study) and other reading materials
-Prepare lesson plans according to an established syllabus, being creative within certain basic goals for the students
-Maintain a classroom atmosphere conducive to learning, including maintaining classroom facilities
-Maintain accurate record keeping for attendance and student performance
-Proofread students' homework in the classroom- correcting their writing.

Job Description

Looking for a part-time professional English Language Arts teacher-recent American college graduate preferred

English Vitamin is a small and innovative English school committed to providing high-quality English language arts education to students from elementary to middle school. Our students go on to overseas high schools such as United World College in Canada and Costa Rica or boarding schools in the United States.


Unlike traditional cram schools, we are unique in that we focus on real English communication through exposure to native materials. Our students range from a first grader who dreams of exploring space as an astronaut, to a fifth grader who'd like to design spaces as an architect; our interaction with students is personal, and we invest in their diverse interests. Our recent graduates are at Princeton University majoring in Economics, at UWC,(United World College) studying high school IB program in Costa Rica, and at Baltic Opera Ballet Company performing ballet in Poland. They are living their best lives.

We have an amazing group of students and parents. Children are great at focusing on both studying hard and playing hard and they enjoy our classes. Their parents are truly supportive, appreciative, and committed to their children's education. They always send us thank-you notes, letters, and bring in some goodies to show their appreciation. They go over their children's homework with them when the kids need some assistance and help them to fully become independent learners.

Our school vision is to enable all children to reach their potential. We provide a personalized, highly individual education for our students. We provide a rock solid foundation of English Language Arts skills so that when they are accepted to top schools around the world, they will have the abilities to enjoy and focus on the rigorous academics in high school and college and beyond. Intellectual training is essential to succeed in our globally developed culture. Material achievements are necessary to cover the basics of a good life, but we understand the importance of what we can’t see, those intangibles such as happiness, building character and finding your own philosophy, reach a unique way of expressing yourself, and find peace in mind in everyday life.

At English Vitamin, our children have numerous conversations with their teachers and peers. They will go through a self-discovery process during class and outside of class and gradually they find what they love and why they want to delve into a particular interest. We have lots of open-minded and honest dialogues and ask students to write stories and essays so that they can really start visualizing their dreams in their heads and hearts. All of these layers of focused experiences will teach them that life is something they can design and create by themselves.

We believe that children will excel naturally when they are given a safe and loving environment, and provided the right guidance for them to be who they are. Our students are wonderful so we naturally give our love and we always believe in them. We work closely with the loving and responsible mothers and their children. Our students know that they are loved and cared for.

We are currently looking for a full time professional English teacher to tutor and inspire groups of 1-3 students. Students range from first to fifth graders. Our teacher will be primarily responsible for creating lesson materials and conducting lessons and helping our elementary school students achieve their academic goals through the exploration of their interests within an English environment. Also, they mentor our students through lessons and tutoring sessions. This position is ideal for a recent university graduate to build experience in a relaxed and focused working environment to grow together with our students and peer teachers. The teacher has to be passionate, energetic, and calm so that he or she can bring our students into a full focus on studying and playing.

English Vitamin was founded in Silicon Valley, CA in 2003 to Japanese expats and their families. Together with great teachers and tutors, the company especially helped Japanese middle and high school students assimilate and thrive in highly ranked and very competitive schools in the valley.

This position can lead to a full-time position. For the teacher that aligns with our mission and values and goals, and we'll support a working visa.

The number of class hours in Musashi-Kosugi ranges from three to six hours per day,
mostly three-week cycle in a month.

3:30-6:30 pm on Tuesdays
3:30-6:30 pm on Wednesdays
4:00-7:00 p.m. on Thursdays
4:00-7:00 p.m. on Fridays
12:30-6:30pm on Saturdays

Up to 3 students per class and one on one tutoring. You will be working with a Japanese English teacher. We are located in Musashi-Kosugi, 3 minutes walk from JR Musashi Kosugi, 7 minutes from Tokyu Musashi Kosugi station.

Position Summary
Our Part-Time Teacher is responsible for all aspects of classroom management within their designated classes, teaching according to the curriculum we create together, and helping our elementary and middle school students achieve not only their academic goals but also improve their social skills and the importance of pursuing happiness through English language training in class and seasonal sessions in Nikko and Silicon Valley, California.

Hourly pay
2000-5000yen/per hour (2000 for one-on-one, start at 3500 and goes up to 5000 for a group of three children)

The following qualities are desirable:

-Native English speaker

-Able to work from October 2018 to mid-August 2019

-Able to connect with kids and adapt to their interests and personalities

Key Job Responsibilities
- Teaching classes using English Vitamin curriculum across multiple levels. Includes use of children's books, documentary TV shows (where students use the script to study) and other reading materials
- Preparing lesson plans according to an established syllabus while using creativity to help students reach certain basic goals
- Maintaining a classroom atmosphere conducive to learning, including maintaining classroom facilities
- Maintaining accurate records for attendance and student performance
- Proofreading students' homework in the classroom, including written corrections and feedback on student papers

Please attach your resume and a brief cover letter detailing your past experience and interests that most relate to this position. We look forward to hearing from you!

How to Apply

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About English Vitamin, Inc

Company Information

Website https://www.evpersonal.com/
President/CEO Ruriko Yamaki
Year Found 2007
Capital ¥3,000,000
No. of Employees 1-10

Business Field

English Language Arts

Company Description

English Vitamin is a small and innovative English school strongly committed to providing English language teaching of the highest quality for elementary and middle school students and some high school students. Our students range from a 6th grader who wants to be a lawyer because she likes to languages and logic, 5th grader whose dream is to be an architect, to a 1st grader who loves space and wants to be an astronaut. We also have a few students who want to study at United World College, a top International Baccalaureate boarding secondary school in the world. We have such interesting students to work with.
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